Privacy Policy

What we store

The only identifying information we store is your Dropbox user ID. When needed, we pull extra information from Dropbox's account info API endpoint, but we don't store the returned information. Revoking access to Send to Dropbox in your Dropbox app settings page will prevent us from being able to access this information, but will also disable your Send to Dropbox account. Cases where we currently pull more information from Dropbox:

Below is an example document from our users database.

Beyond account data, we also track anonymous usage statistics by the minute. These statistics include the amounts of

What we share

We don't share any information with anyone.

What we keep if you delete your account

We don't keep anything. Your data is removed from our database as if it had never existed.

Payment information

Send to Dropbox does not touch and does not store any payment or credit card information. We use Stripe to securely manage customer payments and information. Stripe is PCI compliant.

Operational email transparency

Send to Dropbox's SMTP servers are specially architected for security and privacy. Emails sent to Send to Dropbox's SMTP servers are handled 100% in memory. Incoming emails are validated, parsed, and then streamed directly from the SMTP server through to Dropbox's API. This means incoming emails are never written to disk or stored anywhere. Send to Dropbox cannot see the contents of your emails, nor would we want to. Send to Dropbox doesn't even make the subject line of emails availble. The only information we see during the operation of the SMTP servers is the address an email is coming from and the recipient the email is addressed to, and whether or not the email was handled successfully.