Frequently Asked Questions

I can't seem to find my emails. Where did they go?

The default location for Send to Dropbox to put emails and attachments is Dropbox/Apps/Attachments.

My emails keep getting bounced with the error message "554 Error: Your Send to Dropbox authorization token has expired." What do I do?

This error happens when there is an issue with your authorization token from Dropbox. To rectify your token, simply sign in to your account and your token will be refreshed automatically.

But I tried that already!

Unfortunately, there was a bug in our previous website that caused the authorization token to not refresh correctly. This has been fixed with our new website, so I urge you to try one more time and it should work.

Can I share my Attachments folder?

Short answer: No. Unforunately, at the moment you cannot share your Attachments folder with other Dropbox users due to Send to Dropbox using an "App Folder" as its application type. Dropbox does not allow you to put "App Folders" into "Shared Folders", and vice versa. Long answer: We're working on a solution that allows you to authorize with Send to Dropbox under "Full Access", which means you'll be able to set the destination of your attachments to whatever location you'd like (shared folder or otherwise). However, this option is not trivial to architect, and will take a bit of time to work out and correctly implement. So sit tight and look forward to a solution in the coming months.

What are your SMTP/IMAP settings?

We do not have SMTP or IMAP settings. Your email address is not a traditional email addresses or inbox. There are no inboxes or traditional email services. Furthermore, there is no way to access messages or files you've sent to your address, nor do we provide a way for you to send or route messages through our servers. We simply provide you an email address that routes messages and attachments to your Dropbox, nothing more.

How can I set up automatic forwarding from Gmail or another email provider? How do I receive the verification link?

To set up your email address as a forwarding address, all you have to do is go to the "Options" tab in your address settings and ensure that "Include HTML email body" and "Include plain text email body" are both checked. Then, request that your verification email gets resent. This should transfer the verification email as an HTML or plain text file to your Dropbox. Once you've received the file, simply open it, find the verification link, a click on it to verify your account.

I accidentally deleted my Attachments folder. How can I get it back?

No problem! All you need to do is sign in to your Send to Dropbox account and the folder will be recreated.

Can I move or rename my Attachments folder?

Yes, moving the Attachments folder or renaming it to something else has no effect on the functionality of Send to Dropbox.

I donated to Send to Dropbox awhile back, do I get anything?

Yes indeed! You can redeem your donation for a 2x credit towards a pro account. Simply upgrade your account to pro in your account settings, then click "Your Account", and switch over to the "Subscription" tab. At the bottom, you'll see a form to enter the PayPal address you donated with. Enter the address and click redeem and the credit will be applied to your account. If you redeem your donation on that same day that you upgrade to pro, your card won't be charged as all plans have a 1 day trial period.

Do you have my Dropbox password now?

No, we do not. Dropbox uses a standard for third party app authorization called OAuth. OAuth is designed so that you can authorize third party applications without giving them your username and password. When you sign up or sign in, you'll notice that you're being taken off of Send to Dropbox's website and over to This allows you to authorize the Send to Dropbox application. Dropbox then sends us a token which we use to make requests to their servers on your behalf. If you ever feel the need to revoke our access to your account, simply delete Send to Dropbox from your settings.

Can you see all of the files in my Dropbox?

No. Send to Dropbox is set up to use an App Folder called "Attachments". This means we only have access to files and folders in the Attachments folder, which is created the first time you sign up. Furthermore, Send to Dropbox is a write only application. We never read files or metadata from your Attachments folder for any reason.

Are you associated with Dropbox Inc. in any way?

No. We are simply a third party app that utilizes their API.

Does Send to Dropbox have a size limit?

No, Send to Dropbox does not enforce a size limit. However, many SMTP servers do enforce an outgoing limit. For example, at the time of writing this, Gmail limits outgoing emails to a size of 35,882,577 bytes (~34MB), so they may reject emails larger than this before they even reach our email servers.

How can I delete my account?

Simply log in to your account, click the "Your Account" link on the left menu, then click the "Delete account" link at the bottom of the page. This will delete your account and remove any data associated with it from our database. If you have an active subscription, it will be automatically cancelled and pro-rated with this action. This cannot be undone.